«Diverse fabrics for all requirements»   Our products are geared at all times to the requirements of our customers and their target groups. That's why we rely on natural fibres like high-quality silk, cotton, linen and wool. The collection is supplemented with silk/wool or silk/linen blends and complemented with proven basic quality fibres such as viscose or polyester.

«Fine silk and multifaceted jacquards»   At the heart of our collection are woven jacquards made of high-quality silk, supplemented with exclusive digital prints in a wide range of colours and patterns. We adapt our tie designs to current and upcoming styles and colours in men's fashion, which our designers find at fashion shows and trade fairs around the world.

«Accessories turn an outfit into a key look»   Our range of stylish scarves adds an innovative and fashionable touch to any outfit. The choice of materials is determined by the season and buyers' needs: Different knits, warm colours and textured fabrics are at the heart of our autumn/winter collection, while the spring/summer collection is characterised by light fabrics with strong colours and authentic prints.

«Harmonious from head to toe»   Our product range encompasses belts, gloves and socks for an all-round coherent fashion concept. Our collection of garments for women rounds off our basic product range and paves the way to the future.