«High quality and a harmonious design»   For almost two decades, SILKBRIDGE Krawatten GmbH has devoted itself to accentuating quality and design in men's fashion, even in the smallest details - the accessories. As an international trading company, we are first and foremost a contact for dealers and distributors who are looking to complement their own collections with exclusive ties, or have them produced by SILKBRIDGE for private labels. Among our most satisfied customers are leading apparel manufacturers.

«A bridge between tradition and fashion»   As reflected in our company's name, SILKBRIDGE, we see ourselves as a bridge between traditional woven jacquards made of high-quality silk on the one hand, and modern designs and patterns on the other. Our mission is to develop our collections continuously to take upcoming trends and the needs of our customers' target groups into account.

«Business acumen and a feel for fabrics»   SILKBRIDGE was founded in 1997. Former managing directors Nicole Petersen and Guido Scheibe have also been its owners since 2013. They are continuing a tradition but along new paths; both come from families with links to the Lower Rhine valley that has long been a hub for the textile industry. The owners are trained in business administration with a focus on the textile industry.

«Embracing the world»   SILKBRIDGE is successful worldwide and works with an international network of designers, suppliers and cooperation partners. The company based in Germany is present in the Asian market with an office in China. In expanding its own collections, SILKBRIDGE also works with a leading European manufacturer of shirts that sets trends with new colours and details.